How To Accelerate Internet Connection With DNS

How to accelerate Internet connection with DNS

Some time ago, one of the most popular CDN (content Delivery Network) service providers that CLoudflare has released DNS resolvers that are claimed by them as the fastest DNS in the world today, with the name DNS

Working with APINIC, this latest DNS output Cloudflare can be used in all devices that are used to surf the internet, including Android, iOS, MacOS, or Windows so that browsing becomes faster, safer and more stable.

What is DNS Why can make Internet connection firmer?
For those who have not been familiar with DNS, previously i will give a brief explanation of what is DNS.

DNS stands for Domain Name System, a service that plays a role to translate the name of a domain or website such as to IP address or vice versa so that Internet users can open the destination site faster.

Well, the DNS that is issued by Cloudflare is one of the DNS that has a high security level and a fairly tight pace.
Why is it called the safest? Cloudflre's party explains it because DNS does not record IP address data on the device we are using.
Different from the DNS that is provided by the ISP (Internet service provider) or Internet service provider that frequently stores DNS logs for their purposes.

Meanwhile, quoted from DNSperf, DNS response time is about 14 milliseconds, faster than some of the current DNS's OpenDNS (20 milliseconds) and GoogleDNS (34 milliseconds) so the DNS belongs to this cloudflare in the sovereign as the DNS Fastest in the world for now.

How, already understand what is DNS. For those of you curious and want to try to replace the DNS of your device with this DNS owned Cloudflare, here SemunyaAda explain how to accelerate Internet connection with DNS on some devices with popular operating systems such as Android, and Windows

1. How to set DNS on a computer or WIndows Laptop

· The first step is to click the Settings menu > Control Panel > Network and Internet on the computer or laptop with the Windows operating system you are using.

· Next select the Network and Sharing Center menu, then choose the Change Settings Adapter option. Then it will pop up a window/pop up containing the network information in use. Right-click on the available network and select the Properties menu.

· A new dialogue box will appear, you can simply select or check the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/Ipv4) option and then click Properties.

· Change the settings in the General menu and select Obtain DNS server address automatically become Use the following DNS server addresses: Then type in Preferred DNS server: and Alternate DNS server:
·       Then click on OK and Close to end this setting. Next please restart the browser you are using and DNS belongs to CloudFlare ready to use.

2. How to Setting DNS on Android smartphones

A. Manual Way

How to accelerate Internet connection by using the DNS on devices with the Android operating system, is to make sure your device is connected to an active connection using a Wi Fi network.

If you are already connected to an active Wi-Fi network, then select Settings menu next to select Connection menu.

Select on a Wi-Fi network that is currently in use, then press and hold on the name of the Wi-Fi network you are using, it will appear a new pop up. Then select Manage network Settings.

When you click Manage network settings, you'll see two options, select the second option that shows advanced options.

A new setting window will open, then change the DHCP settings IP to static.

In the DNS 1 field please delete the existing fields and replace them with

In the DNS 2 field replace with

Then click on save and please restart the browser you are using. So the DNS belongs to Cloudflare is ready to use and feel the difference in connection speed.

B. Automatic Way

This is more simple than having to set up your phone. Because of this way using third-party applications, how? Read more

1. Download and install the DNS application

2. You can download HERE or HERE

3. Click the Star logo, until it is connected as shown below.
How, quite easy is not it. If you are accustomed to tinkering with your device then how to accelerate Internet connection with DNS above is not a difficult thing to do.

OK, so many times this tutorial, hopefully useful. Thanks

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