How to easily change templates (themes) in Blogger

How to easily change templates (themes) in Blogger

Are you bored with the look of your blog that is so-so, if yes then you can try to change some changes spserti template/Theme blog. Replacing a Blog template is a way for bloggers to make their site look more attractive and nice to see. In addition to updating the display, changing the Blog template is also commonly used to make the site more SEO Friendly.
Changing the template on a Blogger (blogspot) is certainly not a difficult thing, in this article I will explain the easy way to replace and install a new template in a Blogger you.
Nowadays there are a variety of Blogger templates that you can use for free. Everything from Responsive, SEO Ready, Ads Ready, Slideshow and more. Before starting to install a new template, you can first select the Blog template you want to use.

How to change Template/Blogger theme
Set up or download your desired template, blogger template files are usually formatted. Xml. Here's how to install the template into Blogger (Blogspot):

The first step
Go to, and select the Template menu.

The second step
Go to the top right corner and select Backup/Restore.

Step Three


If you just want to try the template then I recommend clicking on "Download Full Template " so that if the template you want to install does not match, you can invert it to normal again in the same way from the first step to completion.

Then click Choose File, then choose the XML File (the new blog template) that you downloaded earlier.

If you've already click Upload, the new template will automatically apply.


That's an easy way to change the template on Blogger, for those of you who are still confused, don't forget to ask in the comments field. Good luck! Hopefully useful, thank you.

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