How to solve WhatsApp, Facebook, Instgram blocked, or not accessible

How to solve WhatsApp, Facebook, Instgram blocked, or not accessible

Are you among the ones that WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram are temporarily blocked? If so, maybe you'll wonder what the cause is.
In this article, I will deeply peel the reasons why the above Sosmed app is temporarily blocked on our mobile phones.
In addition to that, I also would love to know how to overcome these temporary blocks so you can use Sosmed again!

Temporarily blocked Sosmed causes
Blocked or banned is one of the conditions when we violate the terms of service owned by the application above, can also block temporarily because of the social culture factor of security and political defence that occurred in the country.

For example, in Indonesia, which happens lately, to stop the spread of Hoax thoroughly, because of the Democratic Party that is happening today. The government and the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Minister decided to do social security such as Whatsapp, Facebook, and also Instagaram.
If until that happens, then we can not use WhatsApp using the number we used when registering.

There are two types of blocks within Whatsapp, a temporary block and a permanent block.

WhatsApp blocked temporarily
A temporary block or Temporary banned will occur if you are using an unofficial WhatsApp application. Its own duration varies from 48 to 72 hours.
An example is when you use the WhatsApp Plus or GBWhatsApp app. The reason is that WhatsApp can not validate the security level that the app has.
If you repeat the mistake that makes your WhatsApp temporarily blocked, then you could potentially be blocked forever.

WhatsApp Blocked Forever
In addition to using an unofficial application, there are several other reasons that can make our numbers blocked forever.
First, it may be because we send too many messages for people whose numbers we don't save.
We are considered spammers by WhatsApp and finally we are blocked in order to protect the privacy of WhatsApp users.
Secondly, many WhatsApp users are blocking us in the adjacent time. We will be regarded as a bully by WhatsApp.
Third, we too often share the website address to the contacts that are on our WhatsApp in one day, including using the broadcast feature. We will be regarded as spammers, gangs, if you do!
Fourth, you create a group created to share the content of the pornography. If you're uploading too many unworthy content for a crowd to see, you'll also be blocked.
Lastly, is when we create a group and add a contact whose number we haven't saved. Just like the first point, we will be regarded as spammers.

How to solve WhatsApp temporarily blocked
Actually how to solve WhatsApp is blocked while it's easy really kok, gang! We simply replace the unofficial application used with the official WhatsApp official app.
But for those of you who already have an unofficial app, you need to back up your chat history in order to avoid missing a gang. How to do?

For WhatsApp GB users
The first is for you who use WhatsApp GB. The new steps back up below can be done when your block is over.

·        On WhatsApp GB, select the More options > Chats > Back up Chats menu

·        After that, go to Settings > Storage > Files

·        Search for a folder named GB WhatsApp, press and hold

·        In the top right, press More > Rename and rename the folder to WhatsApp

·        Download the official WhatsApp app and login as usual using the phone number

·        When the display backs up, select Restore > Next

·        WhatsApp will contain any chats that were previously in the WhatsApp GB app

For WhatApp Plus users
If you're using WhatsApp Plus, all of its back up data will be automatically transferred to the WhatsApp app, the gang! So, more practical than WhatsApp GB

How to solve WhatsApp blocked forever
What if it turns out that your numbers are permanently blocked by WhatsApp? One way is to send an email to the WhatsApp party and tell your understanding.

If you still can't, then you don't want to use the new number while promising you won't repeat the same mistake.

Then what about Facebook and also Instgram Kak?

Relax I also have his soli, but this solution is only for the temporary blocked, this solution also relies on third-party applications, curious what the application is and how to do it so sosmed we open back, Ok Aja directly Refer:

1. Using the Free VPN app

With this application, it allows you to replace the server, so sosmed can be accessed again.
How, OK look back.
A. Download and install the VPN [HERE] or [HERE].

B. Choose a server other than Indonesia (usually automatic Americans)

C. Run the technique, Taraa can not be

If not also open then I recommend to Restar your mobile first, OK.

Note: Use this VPN to access sosmed only, do not use it for other things like online transactions, internet Transactions bangking, if you want to use the access transaction then it's good to STOP first the VPN option.

2. Using DNS

By using the DNS service you can be free of blocks, and your internet speed will also increase.

Increased?? How can it?

OK, we covered that in another article on how to increase the intenet context to use DNS

Ok, we just step in the tutorial anti Block :

A. Download and install the DNS application

B. You can download [HERE] or [HERE]

C. Click the Star logo, until it connects as shown below.

D. Steady Deh can open all applications that were blocked.

Note: Keep using data or WiFi standard if you want to transact online or internet bangking OK, turn off the third-party application if you want the transaction more secure.

OK, so many times this tutorial, hopefully useful. Thanks

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