Requirements for Youtube channels can be received in Google AdSense

Requirements for Youtube channels can be received in Google AdSense

Let the buddy, once attributed a YouTube channel to Google AdSense is easier to receive than on registering a website/blog to Adsense, because if through the website must go through the old review stage there is until the stage of the first review and secondly even finally on the decline also with the reason the website does not meet the AdSense criteria.

But for now it happens the opposite, where to associate YouTube to AdSense is very difficult to accept, especially with the constantly changing YouTube habit. YouTube's rapid development pushes Google as a YouTube maintainer to tighten the terms of receiving a channel to follow YouTube programs.

Does pal also want your YouTube channel to be easily received by Adsense? Please qualify below before registering your Youtube channel to AdSense:

Has its own Youtube Channel

The main requirement of course you already have your own YouTube channel, if you do not have to make a first, by opening the link and then login using your Google Buddy account.

Or open the Youtube app available on all your Android, then sign in using your Google account on your Android buddy. And for the channel name can be used by Google account name to make Channel name, do not worry because the name of the Chanel can be changed later.

Upload Video

Next after having your own Chanel, start uploading the video on your YouTube channel, because one of the conditions for YouTube channel can be received Adsense video on your YouTube channel.
Please upload the video as many times, provided the content of the video does not violate YouTube's policy rules.

Original videos that do not violate the rules

Video that the friend upload must be original, the original belongs to PAL (homemade) or another person's video provided that previously had not been uploaded on YouTube and the video owner allows you to upload on YouTube, or give a reaction or change the video person With its permission. Such as cover song, reaction, etc. But don't blame YouTube when your account is banned for content Reuploader/not original. The food from the song cover, reaction etc. Better Buddy creates original content belonging to my own buddy.

Further videos uploaded do not violate copyright

Content that a friend uploads must not infringe on copyright: such as video upload samples in the form of footage footage of television shows, widescreen movies, songs/music, other people's videos, etc.

Not a video that violates the rules of YouTube itself

The intention of not videos that violate the rules of YouTube itself is like videos that feature elements of violence, Sara, and sexual or pornographic videos, and the like are negative. Because if the video is a buddy upload violates YouTube rules sooner or later your YouTube channel will be banned.

Age Channel

YouTube channel age is also influential in the received or not by the Adsense, because the video that has been uploaded in your YouTube channel is easier to find when searching on YouTube. Except for Viral videos have just been uploaded but already many are watching.

* YouTube Policy Update *

Below are some changes to the YouTube Partner Program policies

April Update 2017: The new Google Adsense ad serving conditions on Youtube: Adsense ads will only show on YouTube channel videos that have been airing at least 10,000 views, the overall number of videos in a single channel.

Update 16 January 2018, then re-update on 21 February 2018 regarding the new eligibility requirements for the Youtube Partner Program (YPP): A YouTube channel can be in Google AdSense monetization if it reaches a minimum of 4,000 watch hours In the last 12 months, and already has 1,000 subscribers.

With the new policy, Conten creator other than demanded 1000 Subsciber also claimed the video must be witnessed as much as 4000 hours within 1 year.

It seems very difficult, but if Buddy is optimistic to build a channel with self-repair and video quality then the amount will be exceeded easily.

How about Buddy, are interested in building a big investment by making a YouTube channel?
If the Buddy has a talent such as acting, comedy, cooking etc., why not do the Hoby and share it on YouTube, besides doing it for Hoby we can also make money of course.

Stay spirit do not easily give up buddy, hopefully useful, thank you.

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