Easy Way To Format Flashdisk Via CMD

Easy way to Format Flashdisk via CMD
Basically when wanting to delete or format the entire contents of the FlashDisk, most ordinary people do it through Windows Explorer.

This way is most recommended because it is also easy to understand for the public user. But, do you know? Actually there are still other ways to format the FlashDisk. As via CMD for example.
Want to know how to format a flash via CMD. Here I love the complete steps, see you!

How to Format Flashdisk
The limited storage space on a flash drive makes you unable to store multiple files simultaneously. Moreover, the files are sized up to giga.

To overcome this, people will usually delete some files in the flash that they thought is less important. In addition, it can also by formatting so that it can provide enough space to store new files.

Easy way to Format Flashdisk via CMD
·        First, connect the flashdrive that you want to format to your PC or Laptop.
·        Next, open Command Prompt as Administrator. Remember, run his CMD must be as Administrator, otherwise the way will fail. Then, right-click on the Start logo, select Command Prompt (Admin).
·        After the CMD window opens, type DiskPart, and then press Enter to enter the of.
·        Then type a list of disks, and then Enter to have the active disk turned on. It is important to pay attention to the disk number that you want to format, because if you select a disk, you can-can drive your laptop formatted. To be more easy, pay attention to size. The size specified in the CMD must be the same as the flash capacity.
·        If you know this, input the Select Disk 1 command. The number 1 is the flash number that I want to format.
·        Type the clean command to erase the data contents in the flash drive.
·        Here retype the disk list, and then Enter to display the list of active disks. This is to ensure that you are correct in selecting the disk to be formatted.
·        If there is a * on the left fill, it means that the disk is already selected and ready to be formatted. If there is no sign * then you need to re-type the command on point number 5.
·        Until here, the data in the flash has been erased, but the steps are not yet completed. Type create partition primary and press Enter.
·        Then type the Select partition 1 command. Number 1 is a list of the flashdisks.
·        Then type active, then Enter, point to activate the partition.

The next step is to formating with NTFS format and give the name on the Flash. To do this type format FS = NTFS label = JalanTikus quick. You can change the post of JalanTikus according to the name you want to flash it.
Finally, just type the command assign letter = B to give the driver a letter to the flash. You can change the letter B with the letters you want.
If you have, you can type exit to exit of Diskpart or also can immediately close the CMD window.

If it has reached this stage, then your flash drive is successfully formatted. Maybe you think the Flash format is much less complicated compared to through Windows Explorer, but if you have often done so it will be easy to get there.

Okay that's the tutorial that I can be good this time, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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