Easy ways to solve Google Drive downloads on Limit

Easy ways to solve Google Drive downloads on Limit
Have a friend ever experienced this, where when You wants to download a file from Google Drive, suddenly a friend gets a notification. The point of the notification is that the you cannot download the file within 24 hours. This problem makes us confused instead, moreover we need those files this second as well. Annoyed not? But there are tablets of ways to resolve the limit from Google Drive. How?
Okay, just listen to it until finished this article.

How to resolve Google Drive limits
First step, You must have a Gmail account in advance and have storage on Google private drive, if not have a you can make it HERE. For storage size in Google Drive, make sure the space in Google Drive is enough to hold the file you want to download. For the regular version (new create account) the drive capacity provided by Google for the time is 15GB, so make sure the file will be downloaded no more than that. Then if it is logged in, please friend open the famous download link limit by Google Drive earlier.
The link's example is like the image above, the format of the writing like this: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1asdca90s812m31zcv345nnc23&export=download 
After that you change UC that I mark enamelled orange, be open and & export = download that I marked red, you delete only. So, the link will be like this.

Step two, You does not download the file directly. But, mate add the files you want to download into your Google Drive storage account. By pressing the icon like the image below, I give a red color mark.

Well, if the icon above after the Click You changes to like the icon below. So, next step you click again the icon like the image below,

Step three, you copy of the files that have been you add to the storage drive you. So, You makes a clone by doing a copy in the drive you. How to Copy, you right click on the file and you select Make a copy and wait for the process to finish.

Step four, when the copy process is finished you can download the file. However, you download the result file that you copies in the drive you then the Google Drive limit will not be there anymore.

Hopefully useful and thank you for your visit.

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