How to easily install Windows 10 by using Flashdisk | Complete + Image Guide

How to easily install Windows 10 by using Flashdisk | 

Complete + Image Guide

Complete guide to How to Install Windows 10 with Flashdisk
How to install Windows 10 using a flash is easy to hard. Especially for you beginners who may be the first to do it.

This time I will explain the steps, starting from the preparation in creating a bootable flash that contains Windows 10 hold.

Before you start installing Windows 10 using Falshdisk you have to create a bootable reinstall using Falshdisk first.

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After successfully making bootable reinstall using Falshdisk, the next step is to set the BIOS settings to be able to boot using a flash drive, until the installation process of Windows 10 until it is ready for you to use.

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After the second mandatory step above you do, installation of Windows 10 ready we start.

Curious how to do more?

Well, from the more curious, mending see more below. There is a picture guide.

How to Install Windows 10 with Flashdisk
After the BIOS setting method to replace the booting using the flash successfully, it is now time to install Windows 10.

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Well, check out the following steps so that you can beginners install Windows 10 correctly and precisely.

Step 1-Wait for Booting from Flashdisk
  • If you have successfully booted Windows 10 with a flash drive, then it will usually appear blue Windows logo with loading circles as below.

Step 2-Set the language setting
  • You can then perform the language settings during installation, time and currency, as well as the keyboard input used.
  • You can use the default settings and then click the Next button.

Step 3 – Start Install Windows 10
  • If you're sure, just click the Install now button.

Step 4-Bypass Windows 10 activation
  • Then you will be faced with the Activate Windows window to take the activation step first.
  • Here you can pass by clicking on the Skip now or I don't have a product key option.

Step 5-Select the Windows 10 type installed
  • Choose the type of Windows 10 you want to install, such as Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, and more.
  • If you have selected by clicking one of the options, you can just click the Next button.

Step 6-Read and approve License Terms
  • In this step you can first read the Microsoft Software License Terms available. If it's obvious, you just have to activate the checkup on I accept the license terms.
  • Next click the Next button.

Step 7-Select the Windows 10 Install method
  • Then you will be prompted to select the desired Windows 10 installation method.
  • iam suggests to use the option Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced) if you want to reinstall and make a PC or laptop as it looks new.

Step 8-Set Drive
  • This step is quite complicated, if you want to clean the laptop on the hard disk, you just select all the previous drives and select Delete to delete.
  • If you want to delete the C: drive, select Drive 0 Partition 2 and then select Format. You can also install it directly on the drive by clicking the Next button.
  • But if you want to divide into several drives, just select Drive 0 Unallocated Space then click on New and enter the desired size (in MB).
  • This step can also be passed and you can set it up later with the Disk Management settings.

Step 9-Wait for the installation process
  • After click Next button, then automatic installation process of Windows 10 will run automatically. Here you just wait for the process.

Step 10-Use Windows 10 quick settings
  • Install Windows will make your PC or laptop restart and in this step you can unplug the flash immediately.
  • Windows will reboot and go to the default settings as shown below. Here you can choose to use use Express settings.

Step 11-Select PC/Laptop ownership options
  • Then you select I Own it if the PC or laptop you are using personally and click Next for the next step.

Step 12-Skip Sign In Microsoft account
  • Then you can skip the step to sign in to your Microsoft account by clicking on the Skip this step option located on the left of the screen. 

Step 13-Create your PC/Laptop name and Password
  • Next you just enter your PC or laptop username in the available columns.
  • You can add a password too, Loh. If it's complete, you just click Next.

Step 14-Set up Cortana assistant
  • Windows 10 comes with a virtual assistant named Cortana. In this initial setting you can bypass Cortana's settings by clicking on the Not now option.

Step 15-Wait for Windows 10 's process Setting
  • Windows will perform account and other settings according to what you entered. Wait a few moments to enter the main desktop view.

Step 16 – Completed
  • Well, until this step you've managed to install Windows 10 on your PC or laptop.
  • Here's the look of the desktop on Windows 10, cool and simple, right.

Pros and cons of installing Windows with Flashdisk

How, your PC or laptop so it feels new after reinstalling Windows 10, right?
After completing the tutorial install Windows 10 from Flash Jaka also have found some advantages and disadvantages through this method compared to other, Loh.

Anything? Here are some of them.

Advantages of Install Windows 10 from Flashdisk
Minimize installation time failure, because Flash is somewhat better than CD/DVD. The majority of PCS or laptops are not currently equipped with an optical disc drive, most of which only provide a USB port.

Disadvantages of Install Windows 10 from Flashdisk
It is prone to viruses and malware derived from previously used pendrives. It requires more processing, such as downloading a Windows-resistant file, creating a bootable flash, and up to the installation steps. Additional activation codes need to be purchased separately, unlike CD/DVDS that are already on the sales package.

That is the Tutorial how to reinstall Windows 10 using Flash and exposure to advantages and disadvantages, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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