How to get around apps that are stuck on Android suddenly – arriving

How to get around apps that are stuck on Android suddenly – arriving

Hello buddy, have you ever had a "force close" or suddenly the action and forced or stopped suddenly? If so, this time I'll be talking about apps that are stopped unexpectedly. The reason we can’t conclude directly, we must know in advance what is the main cause. However, when we see the average cause because it relates to the full storage is both volatile and non-volatile. Then, what exactly causes the application to stop unexpectedly and how to resolve the stopped application. Most common cause is because the smartphone is jadul and raises lemot that's where the smartphone device is not able to run the application perfectly.

However, the problem of the application stalled in this Android smartphone is a common problem, I think the level of this problem is low medium. Because, the percentage is related to the hardware in the smartphone is small once and the way to overcome it does not need to ribet. If I look, the application problem freezes unexpectedly this has nothing to do with the presence of viruses nested on the smartphone. Because, viruses attack the user's important data so the percentage of viruses on this smartphone is quite small.

How to resolve "Unfortunately, the app has stopped" on Android
Usually if the problem occurs the application is stuck there is a notification "Unfortunately, the application has stopped" and notifications arise throughout the application that has stopped by itself. Surely this is very disturbing and should we improve as soon as possible. Oh Yes, sometimes the apps that stop everyone can be different. It can be Facebook, Instagram or any other application that is certainly installed on your smartphone. Well, below are some common causes of unexpected application stops on Android.
  • The application is not up to date.
  • The application is incompatible with the operating system smartphones use.
  • Specifications Smartphones Old age.
  • There is no residual free space in RAM.
  • The Cache is not cleaned.

On top of these are some common causes why applications quit unexpectedly without cause. I will give you some tips to solve the problem, you can follow the steps in solving this problem.

Diligent Android OS Update
Sometimes smartphone users see the magnitude of the Android operating system update files, become reluctant to update the Android operating system. In fact, the update of Android operating system is very big effect for the performance of our smartphones. As such, system performance has become smoother due to improvements through updates and optimizing the operating system as well as syncing with the latest applications.

Reinstall apps that stalled suddenly
If a crash app isn't a built-in app, you can reinstall the app. Because of course when doing this reinstall is not much different from doing the update, which is replacing the application with a new application. So, the new application will be better than the previous condition. Oh Yes, download it must to finish yes and the process Installation also must be up to 100% to avoid corrupt or crash files.

Clean the behind-the-scenes app, so that RAM has enough Free Space
To clean the app running behind the scenes so that it causes full RAM you can do manually or use a RAM cleaner app. For example, the image below I used a Samsung native app to clean up RAM and remove the app running behind the scenes.

The picture above is a Samsung smart manager built-in application that is very useful for cleaning applications that are running behind the scenes and not so used. Not only that, this built-in application can also clear the cache that is in Android smartphone's memory.

If on your smartphone there is no default application such as Smart Manager. You can download some of the apps below. You can download only one of them.
  1. Clean Master           [ DOWNLOAD ]
  2. Power Clean            DOWNLOAD ]
  3. Ccleaner                  DOWNLOAD ]
  4. Super Cleaner         DOWNLOAD ]
  5. Clean Master Lite    DOWNLOAD ]
  6. DU Cleaner             DOWNLOAD ]
Source : Google Playstore & APKpure

Perform Factory Reset
This is the last way when the above step is not majur. Factory reset or Factory Reset here is restoring the state of the smartphone to its original state. Where, all data will disappear and non-default applications will disappear as well. As well, the system will also be to its original state where there is no error. So, our smartphones will be as new as we buy the first time. Here is the factory reset function in every smartphone. This is actually good, just you do not forget to backup the data that you consider important from the smartphone that will be reset the factory.

Some tips and advice from me, you do not forget to always update to your beloved smartphone. The Update here is very important and very influential in the performance of the smartphone you are using. Especially the update of the operating system is very important and should be noticed.

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