How To Get Blog Matched Content

How To Get Blog Matched Content
Easy ways for Blog to get Matched Content ads Widget from Google Adsense. Hello blogger, this time I will be sharing knowledge regarding content matched. If you are an AdSense publisher who came from Indonesia it may be familiar to hear the word this one then what if all new friends plunge into the world Publisher. For friends who may be confused and asked a lot of questions about the problem this one, let us see the overview below.

As we know a lot of different shapes and kinds of products presented by Google AdSense to the publicity for one purpose ie generate income or a fantastic income of course. Well one of the features contained in Google AdSense is this widget. Maybe not everyone gets it but in this discussion I try to reveal the easy thing so all of you can also install this widget in the website or blog You guys have. If you find this article on Google or any previous article about a short review whether a free platform can get matched content? Please first read this article to get a deeper knowledge of this feature.

What is a matched content??

As in the picture above, it is an example of matched Conten, where the red marked is the official ad from Google, while the other is the original article of the blog. Well how? Interested is not, how not, Google provides very useful features, where advertising will look like a regular post, this is very beneficial for the owner of the blog because of the rising Tarfik or the number of ad clicks on his blog, So that the income also increased.

Well what Buddy is still confused with what is matched content? What is a matched content?? Well Matched Content that is actually what the heck? Matched Content derived from the English language that translates into Bahasa Indonesia meaning "customized content".  is a recommendation feature obtained by a blog that meets the requirements. And this feature is arguably a reward for appreciation for your blog from Google that contains a special ad widget that can offer an easy way to promote content to your site visitors.

Why do I say not all blogs are getting special advertising features from Google AdSense this? Yes of course this widget is only given to a site site that correctly meets the criteria and passes the requirements. For those of you who are curious how to make our blog get matched content. Let's see the steps below.

Types of blogs that often get matched content (Google AdSense)
Here are some types of blogs that often get matched content.
1. Blog a niche/special theme (concentration blog articles one type)
2. Blogs that are traffic/high visitors.
3. Blogs that have many articles.
4. Niche Blog Gado Gado (Blog Mix) can also be received
5. Blogs that have articles with a lot of word count.
6. The Blog that each label has at least 15 discussion articles.
7. Blogs that already have age.

How to make our blog can easily get matched content.
Here are some tricks you can use to get away from Google's judgment.

1. Create the original content/article
It's certain that if we talk about matched content, it will be related to the content. Actually creating an original article/content is a recommendation from myself not from Google. Because creating a quality article will invite many benefits and delivery of knowledge to visitors. With a different knowledge delivery. Then the science that is distributed will be varied and can add a lot of knowledge.

In addition Google is very fond of blogs with unique and original articles. This will make it easier for you to get good feedback from Google to get the AdSense matched content widget.

2. Update the number of words in each post.
The number of words also determines which blog we have will get the badge of matched content feature. To me this, I always try to write more than 400 to 700 words per article. Not only this blog just in fact, I also have several sub-blogs with different themes, such as a special blog with English that I just created. For other derivative blogs of the blog I can you clay in the About section of the navigation menu.

Maybe some of friends who may be lazy to write long articles, other than because of running out of ideas and words, also because of the Kurangnnya read similar articles. But articles written with a lot of words will produce many benefits, so do not be lazy to increase the number of words in each article.

3. Complete the post for each label at least 15 articles.
If you have a lot of labels on your blog. Make sure each post is labeled as 15 articles. Somehow Google can see up to this label. I once tried to leave some posts in the label. Until the moment I fill the label until even then all of the menu features open matched content. You can try this way if you have not at all received the matched AdSense content badge.

4. Has at least 90 articles
Well for the number of this article I also do not know for sure. I think this number also differs from its analysis. But I believe, with the large number of articles we make, it will push to the rise of blog traffic, so the stability of traffic will be assessed by Google, and then our blog can be eligible to install matched content.
Here maybe the analysis can be concluded the average matched content will be open when the blog has an adequate number of articles.

5. Blog has traffic.
Traffic is definitely necessary to support the success of AdSense ads that have been aired blog. If there is no traffic then it is impossible to get matched content. Because who will also read your content. Then for what Google gives this feature.

For minimal traffic it really doesn't matter. The real problem is where the traffic comes from? The most fast blog get matched content is a blog that has unique and organic traffic. Aliases are not created.

The above four points are the most important thing once to support the success of this matched content ad is open. Therefore as a beginner in was blog, I invite you all to continue to be excited to develop the blog, experimenting with your blogs, and continue to provide benefits to the surrounding. Hopefully useful, and thank you.

Source : my main blog, in Indonesian language

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