How To Live Stream Games On Youtube Using Du Recorder

How To Live Stream Games On Youtube Using Du Recorder

Watch game Games such as Languge of Lagends, Dota 2, PUBG, Fortnite, etc. Others are fun, in addition to entertainment we can also watch other people's games to add to our science on how to play right especially if we Watch the live stream the top Player. Not only player top players who can do live streaming Game to YouTube we can also do live streaming certainly before you must have a Google account first then you need an application for live streaming. I'm here to explain how to Live stream games on Youtube using Du Recorder. Why Du Recorder? Because Du Recorder is not heavy to HP and has a great feature for live streaming.

Another reason is that the official app is that Youtube Gaming has been officially closed by Google since 31 May 2019, by which time Streamer now can no longer use the app.

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Okay go right below explanation.
How to Live stream games on Youtube using Du Recorder
1. Please DOWNLOAD the application Du Recorder in Playstore or can also HERE.
2. Open the app Du Recorder tap Live

3. Select Youtube, then click Allow if the application permissions appear Notif.

4. Select which Google account you want to use live streaming.

5. Tap Allow.

6. Fill out the Live stream title and description
     The top column:
  • 1. Live titles
  • 2. Live Description
  • 3. Privacy
  • 4. Game Type/Game name

7. Tap Start
8. If this is the case then you have successfully live on YouTube.

For the results of Livenya can be checked in my live video on my YouTube channel HERE.

Well you, now you can already do live streaming on YouTube using du recorder easily. So many tutorials about how to Live stream games to Youtube using Du Recorder, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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