How to Multi Login Ssh account using Proxyfire

How to Multi Login Ssh account using Proxyfire

Hallo Buddy,.
Times in I will share a tutorial on how to multi login SSH using the Proxyfire..

Good connection is needed by internet users. Right? Especially if we are Maniacs downloader. Surely we need a good connection and free anyway. Hahaha yes that's us.

A lot of tricks and tips for our connection to be stable, but this time I will share how to use multi SSH on a connection?

Easy , we simply tweaked the settings on the Proxifier software.

Here I use SSH 7 in my connection, for more details see the screenshots below.

How does min??

Okay, here's how.

All you need is Proxifier, you can download HERE and you can take the serie number HERE.

The steps.

1. Open your SSH account. Then you go into the Services menu as shown below:

In the screenshot above, you can see the Listen Port is 1080. If you want to use Multi SSH, you open your other SSH account (the first SSH account not at exit, Diminimize Aja) then you guys change the port's listen to 1081. It applies if you use 2 SSH. But if you want to use 10 SSH, you change the set in order to listen to the port from 1080-1089.

2. After that, you now open the software Proxifier then go to the menu Profile-Proxy servers. Create a new proxy server with the sequential port as well (be with the port in your SSH. If you've made a listen port on SSH 1080-1089, you also make it in Proxifier 1080-1089 as the screenshots below.
3. If it has been made as above, still in the settings proxy servers, you click Create and give the name (for example I give the name TEST) then you drag one by one from Address to TEST as the screenshot below then OK

4. Now go to Profile-Proxification rules menu then you change the Action with Chain TEST (depending on you guys what you named it) then click OK. Sample Screenshots

If you guys can re-browse with MULTI SSH.

Note: To use IDM, you can add it by clicking Add to Proxification Rules, then find the EXE from the album, then change its action with the chain test as above.

Okay so many tutorials from me.. On my visit I thank you...

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