How to securely click your own ads

How to securely click your own ads
In the world of advertising in the class of Google AdSense there are many things that need to be understood to achieve achievement in accordance with expectations, especially about the super tight policies and should not be violated in order to cooperate in Long-term. Who violates, then he will be stuck with a failed predicate and certainly blacklist.

I'm sure that all AdSense publishers have a huge dream of being able to successfully achieve maximum results and that is not wrong because success is a dream of all who can be realized with effort and hard work, of course in a way that Not cheating so it can reap a good income.In AdSense, creativity and consistency are very dependable because publishers are required to bring up a work or content that becomes a lot of people's needs so that the site has the potential to be crowded with visitor traffic, so that the results are not will be where it will surely come by itself at the right time.
For AdSense AD publishers who have a good reputation for developing sites so that their ads have high viewability frequencies, they'll get a decent profit, but otherwise for reputable AdSense AD Publishers The site is bad for violating the policy then it will be difficult to thrive.
Google has a sophisticated system to detect mischievous behaviour and to give strict sanctions to those who violate its policies because it protects advertisers deeply so that the AdSense advertising ecosystem is well maintained.

Among the most common rogue publisher behaviour is the ad clicks themselves or manipulating ad clicks. It seems that Google is very disliked this and will judge it as a click fraud or it could be said invalid clicks with a very heavy sanction i.e. the account is suspend until it is permanently banned.
Click fraud should be avoided because it is very harmful, Google is still going to sanction despite the accidental element of lack of publisher knowledge of AdSense rules and policies or other reasons. The potential for large click fraud is likely to occur when publishers are editing the web sometimes without being aware of a click-through AD.

Answer to 1: No. If the goal is to add income.
Answer to 2: can. If the goal looks at AD information.

In this review the author will focus on discussing for the second answer, because the first answer must have been understood if it was done then it would violate AdSense policy. The second answer is, if it does not include violations.

Now the author will teach you how to click on your own ads without risking and protecting the ads from the occurrence of a very harmful click fraud. Obviously this way is safe because it uses Google's proprietary tool Google Publisher Toolbar. Actually, this great tool has a lot to use, with this review the authors hope you do not miss the information so it can be like them.

Google Publisher Toolbar is a special tool for AdSense publishers provided by Google for free, one of its functions is to prevent click fraud when the Publisher is surfing the web itself so there is no need to worry about Active ads that are accidentally click through repeatedly even if you use the same IP even intentionally, it doesn't matter because those clicks won't be indexed to AdSense.

Besides being able to protect AdSense from click fraud when opening the page, through this tool the Publisher can see an overview information about the earnings and performance of AdSense, Ad Exchange, Double Click for Publishers, see the latency of each ad and Block inappropriate creatives. In order to function properly, this tool is required to use the same Google account used by your AdSense account.

This Tool integrates with all the built-in AD units on the site's pages, so it can provide some basic information about the track record of the ad at a specified time interval, including its size, display URL and advertiser name.
If the ad is on click, then this tool will display information around the ads on the site's pages such as links to the ad landing page, the number of clicks Fair, the PPS, the estimated revenue in progress, the buyer's name and display URL.
In one click, this tool can display a summary of the estimated account earnings for today, yesterday, this month or last month and the top five channels or top five sites in descending order of today's revenue, yesterday, 7 days, this month and month Then.

It's not hard to get Google Publisher Toolbar, because this great tool is provided specifically for Google Chrome browser so you are obliged to use that browser. Take a good look and do it in order:
1. DownloadGoogle Publisher Toolbar HERE.
2. Install to Google Chrome. Download Google Chrome For those who don't already have HERE.
Press ADD TO CHROME marked with the number 1 arrow to install the Google Publisher Toolbar in your Google Chrome browser.

3. Integrate
Press Add extension (shown in Arrow number 2) to integrate Google Publisher toolbarwith the website.

4. Start the Manage Tool
Press icon (marked with arrow number 3) to activate Google Publisher Toolbar.

5. Start integrating the Tool with Google AdSense
The goal of this step is so that the tool can interact with Google AdSense, press enable (marked with 
no 5) to connect with your AdSense account.

6. Authorize the crawling of the Google Publisher Toolbar Bot to AdSense
In this step there will be an authorization request from the Google Publisher Toolbar bot to access AdSense. This needs to be done manually by pressing the ALLOW button marked with the number 6. Until here the Settings tool is finished and just see the result.

7. Start seeing the crawling result
Click the blue icon in the top-right corner of the browser (see number 7) to display the Google Adsense overview. The result can be seen as in Figure 6. If the icon marked with number 7 is not blue, then the tool is not functioning yet.

It's important to note that before attempting to click on your own ad you should check again if the Google Publisher Toolbar actually works properly.
If the ad is already green as in Figure 7, then the tool is working and the ad can be clicked on its own to see the details of the information.

Use the Google Chrome Browser for this tool to work properly, so the ads are completely protected when clicked alone.
Clicks will not be counted and are not considered by the Google Bot as malicious behaviour because they are protected.
This Tool can only be used by Google AdSense account owners, for JV (Joint Venture) partners can not use it.
This tool can display a daily overview of your Google AdSense account without having to log in first.
Do not click the ad if it is not well protected.

Okay, that's the tutorial for today that I can share, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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