How To Set BIOS To Boot With Flashdisk

How To Set BIOS To Boot With Flashdisk
Before starting this step, you need to create a bootable flash for Windows 10.
If you haven't created one, you can read here..

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Next, you just have to do BIOS settings, so you can boot with Flashdisk and install Windows 10 later.
For more steps, please follow the tutorial below, yes!

Note : In this tutorial I tested using a laptop type Asus X441N.

Step 1-Plug in Bootable flash and Restart PC/Laptop
Once you're done creating a bootable flash, plug it into a PC or laptop that you want to reinstall with Windows 10.
Then you restart the PC or laptop you are using.

Step 2-Go to BIOS settings
When restarting, here you live in BIOS settings by pressing the DEL (Delete) button.
For some types of laptops or other motherboards, you can press the DEL, F1, F2, F10, or Fn + F2 keys.

Step 3 – Go to Boot options
In BIOS settings, you just have to go to BOOT option to replace the boot by using a flash that contains the file to hold Windows 10.

Step 4-Change the Boot option to Flashdisk
·       Then in Boot you just select Boot Option #1 to be the flash drive that you used.
·       Usually this option will be called USB Storage Device/Removable Disk or as the name of the Flash brand you are using, the gang.
·       If your PC/Laptop is using an SSD, then select Boot Option #2 the name of your SSD, you must first find what is the name of the SSD on your PC or laptop
·       If you don't use an SSD, you don't need to change the Boot Option #2
·       Don't forget to Disable the Fast Boot option

Step 5-Save the Ubahan and Restart your PC/Laptop
·       Lastly you just go to the Save & Exit option, then select the Save Changes and Exit menu.
·       If you're asked for confirmation, you just select Yes. Then the material will be saved, the PC/laptop will start restarting, and you can install Windows 10 directly.

That was the tutorial how to set BIOS on a laptop, to start reinstalling Windows 10 using Flashdisk.
For the next Step is how to reinstall Windows 10 using Flashdisk you can read below.

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Hopefully useful, thank you.

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