Is Your Google Adsense Submission Rejected? Here Tips To Resolve Full Adsense Rejections

Is Your Google Adsense Submission Rejected? Here Tips To Resolve Full Adsense Rejections

Tips to overcome Adsense rejected many times from various factors
Of course, the bloggers from Indonesia to the world have experienced rejection of AdSense. Google Adsense is indeed one of the media advertisers are very popular and privileged compared to other media advertisers. Why so? Because if you become a Google AdSense publisher of course to make money online through the internet is not a difficult thing.

Google AdSense is the media advertiser with the pay per click advertising method and the display of advertisements that serve on blogs/YouTube. The amount of cost-per-click (CPC) of Google AdSense is one of the factors targeted by publisher and Conten creator, the lowest CPC is usually around 0.1 USD, and for the highest there reached 50 USD. Just imagine if you got a CPC 50 USD and in the Click 6 times, how many tuh stay multiplied by the number of views or clicks?.

In addition to the sheer cost per click Google AdSense which has always been the target of the publisher, there is one more factor that makes many people berbondong Bondong to be able to get a full Google AdSense account approve this. The resale price of a fairly expensive account. If you manage to get one full approve AdSense account and you want to sell, then you can have the minimum price of 500 thousand rupiah. In addition, if you want to sell it after the pin verification, the selling price can multiply.

However to get one full approve AdSense account it is quite difficult especially for bloggers who register using a new blog. The thing that frustrated bloggers are many forms of rejection gained from Google AdSense. Well, to overcome the rejection of Google AdSense This, here are some ways to overcome AdSense rejections.

How to resolve Adsense rejected :
1. Resolving Adsense rejections because "insufficient content"
Surely you will find images like this at the time of rejection due to insufficient content.
For this I recommend you to create an article with a minimum word count of 500 words, because Google is very fond of long articles, because the length tends to be complete. If you are from scratch indeed create a blog to Make money from the internet especially from Google AdSense I recommend that you routinely create long articles.

Do not overuse the image too because Google will treat the information less and only display the image. Moreover, always keep the health of blogs on webmasters.

2. Overcoming rejection because "site navigation is difficult"
To solve something like this
I recommend you use a responsive SEO template, you can download it via the following template provider sites. A responsive Template just doesn't guarantee you are accepted by Google AdSense, add related post, recent post, and popular post as well as some important pages such as contact us, terms of service, disclaimer, DMCA, and other important pages.

I recommend that you do not first put a box like Facebook because it has a bad impact on your new blog, for the old blog is up Agan agan Aja Deh.

3. Rejected Adsense by reason of "unable to review site"
Usually this kind of rejection is gained by a new blog that prompted Gesa to sign up for AdSense. New Blog 3-4 weeks ago registered to AdSense it in my opinion is not appropriate because AdSense certainly accept sites that already have a visitor and named. In addition it may be a blog article is still a little search engine indexed especially Google.

I recommend not to be prompted Gesa sign AdSense, wait blog age is pretty old about 5-6 months. Besides your easy to receive AdSense, your article is certainly already very much in the age of 5-6 months. Register your site on the webmaster and submit Google URL to make your blog quickly indexed search engines.

4. Sites not in compliance with Google policies
To overcome this type of rejection it seems difficult too, because if you intend to create a blog from scratch to be accepted by Google AdSense Make sure your site has original content type your own hand and not the result of copy paste.

In addition the traffic sources also determine, try your blog has a lot of organic visitor from search engines to ensure you are accepted by Google AdSense. Do not use the auto visitor because Google will surely know your cheating. Do not once violate Google's policies, following Google's policies in detail.

5. Overcoming Adsense rejection because of "account associated with other active accounts"
It basically Google does not allow us to have more than one AdSense account in one PC, computer or laptop. Because if Google knows we are harvesting Google AdSense accounts, the worst impact that is all of our accounts will be banned simultaneously forever.

If you do want to register more than one AdSense account, you can read it HERE.

6. Overcoming rejection due to "invalid contact address"
For this one I suggest you enter the correct payment address and complete the current Google AdSense registration, it does require Google for when the time of the Google party send mail pin, the letter can arrive at the right address.

Well, those are some tips to overcome AdSense rejected from various factors, besides things above there are some things you must do so that you can be accepted by Google AdSense, it is:

1. Don't install ad units from other advertisers ' media, as Google doesn't like to be compromised. Imagine if you're being dued, wouldn't you?.

2. Your site's speed tiers.

3. Do not use any pop ups, such as subscribed widgets hovering.

4. and others.

There are several ways to overcome AdSense rejections that you can apply to get your full approve AdSense account. Remember do not use any kind of cheating, because your spare is definitely Google will know it because the technology facilities belong to Google very-very sophisticated.

Well that's the thing that could lead to submission of Google Adsense rejected and how to resolve it.

If the above steps you have followed correctly then your submission will lead to success such as:

Hopefully this tutorial can help you, who have problems above, hopefully useful. Thanks.

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