Official Youtube Gaming Service closed Google

Official Youtube Gaming Service closed Google
Google finally closed the YouTube Gaming service permanently on 30 May 2019 yesterday, after at the end of 2018 then merged with regular YouTube services.
This is done because the special service of the connoisseur of the game is increasingly lonely fans.
Most of its users, have switched to regular YouTube services to create and watch all game-related content.

According to Google, once this service is disabled, the YouTube Gaming mobile app and its associated website will stop working and will not be accessible again.
Specifically for Web pages addressed in, they will be redirected to the page.

"The YouTube Gaming app will disappear on May 30th, but you will still be able to find all the videos from your favorite games on YouTube's main page," 
Write YouTube parties.

Compiled from 9to5google, Google will initially disable the service in the last March. Yet somehow Google reasons slightly extend the lifespan of this service.
YouTube itself claims that every day there are 200 million users watching game content. The number is the same as the Brazilian population. However, they don't watch via the YouTube Gaming dedicated app.

Once the YouTube Gaming service is turned off, users will still be able to access a variety of game content they love through the main YouTube page.
To do this, go to the "Trending" tab on the left when you open the YouTube app and select the "Gaming" icon at the top.

You can also go directly to address to go directly to the topic of Gaming. When you sign in, it will be offered some categories to make searching easier.

YouTube Gaming itself is currently losing to compete with the Twitch streaming service. Once the YouTube Gaming service is declared to be turned off, it loses its popularity.

That's the information that's pretty disappointing for you guys gaming YouTubers, hopefully the above information can be used as a referral to add excited to the content of the creator, not be your obstacle in creating content. Because we can still use other apps for live straming, record screen activity (record) using other apps. e.g. DU RECORDER.
Hopefully the above article will be for you. Thanks.

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