The Dangers Of Copy Paste Other People's Articles | Read how the following ways Peace despite the Copy Paste

Hello Buddy,
In the following I will try to answer the questions I've read in the AdSense forums about the article for AdSense blogs. It is actually clearly stated by Google that posting copyrighted content without sufficient permission is prohibited by the AdSense program policies.
But with many blogs containing a Copasan article that shows AdSense ads, then some bloggers wonder why such blogs are not banned.

Here are some descriptions that I can share with my friends based on my experience as an AdSense publisher.

1. Does the article copy paste violate the AdSense program policies?
Yes! It clearly violates the AdSense program policies for violating copyrights. While the article is not registered with the DMCA Takedown, Google protects its intellectual property (HAKI) rights with Google's DMCA.

2. Why is there a blog AdSense contains a Copasan article not being banned?
Because the original article owner doesn't report it to Google. But if the article owner knows and then report it to Google, then the violating blog's AdSense account will expire that day as well. At least a few days later or it could be a month after the breach was reported and responded to by Google. The obvious must be banned.

3. How can I copy paste but not be banned?
List the source URL clearly (ACTIVE LINK DOFOLLOW). This is one form of a copy paste permit that can be received. The goal is that the article owner is not upset so don't report it to Google. But if this is ignored, then the patience of the article owner will be exhausted and will eventually report it to Google. And the fate of the blog that it will be at the end of the horns. Just wait for time to be banned.

4. Is there a secure copy paste way?
Have! The trick is to first read the article that we want to copas until we really understand, then we write on our blog using our own language style. Then your blog will not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others and allow safe from being banned.

5. What if I've already had a lot of article cofitting without link source?
If you want to work in AdSense for the long term, immediately list the source ACTIVE DOFOLLOW LINK on your blog that violates it, then create a new blog that does not violate the AdSense program policies. But if you insist, then your AdSense account only waits for the time to be banned, only sooner or later. If not today may be tomorrow or a day after the article owner knows and report it to Google. And the article owner would someday know if your blog traffic has started to rise.

Here are some causes of banned AdSense accounts that we need to refer to:

(i) Why was my account banned when I was not violating the AdSense program policies?
* Because we do not want to deepen the understanding of the AdSense program policies so our knowledge is limited. We think that our blog does not violate the program's policies, when in fact it has long been violated, just that we do not know because of the lack of our understanding of the AdSense program policies.
* Or maybe you've been cofitting other people's articles and then reported to Google without your knowledge. This is the most common thing, some bloggers are wondering why my account was banned when I adhere to program policies. Because there is one article belonging to others that they copas without listing the source links.
* We need to note that Google will not block the AdSense account for no reason. Although Google could use its sole discretion to deactivate an AdSense account for any reason, all banned actions taken by Google are reason and not the origin of the banned main.

(ii) Why are your AdSense accounts bullied?
* The most frequent cause is because you've been cofitting an article belonging to another person without a source link and posted on another blog devoted to a coping article. While you are posting AdSense ads on a blog that complies with the AdSense program policies.
Again, we should never try to underestimate a newbie blogger though. Blogger whose article we Copas was not stupid. Nobody is stupid blogger on the internet.

If their articles are tempted without a source link, they will continue to look for other blogs belonging to the Copas that there is an Google ad to meet. And after they met they would bother him.

I've read on a Facebook forum, there is a publisher saying his account was interrupted people and eventually banned. After I investigate, it turns out that the publisher has a blog that contains all articles without mentioning the source link. That's the main trigger of an Google account bothered by people.

Blog kept secret to be safe?
Free! Keep your blog confidential not a safe guarantee if we still like pranks other people's blogs. It's a good idea to hide it if you don't want our blog to see people. Other people we do not know, but God knows. If we like to interfere with someone else's blog, then sometime we will apes ourselves though Be as important as we keep the blog confidential. For God records as small as any of our deeds.

In order for our blog not to be bothered people then we do not bother other people's blogs. So God will protect our blog. And keep praying to God that we are always led in any case. Because in fact only he That can lead us to success. No one can succeed without the open way by Allah SWT. No one adsense publisher is safe from being banned without the protection of Allah SWT. Because he is the strongest and trusted protector.


The Google Adsense program is a long-term business. Can not we take the shortcut by ignoring the AdSense program policies. Moreover dare to pranks other bloggers by violating their intellectual property rights without permission. So let's not try to underestimate the article belonging to a newbie blogger by cofitting their article.

If we want to plunge into the AdSense business for the long haul, please adhere to the AdSense program policies seriously. Never violate the AdSense program policies, let alone violate other bloggers ' copyrights.

Okay, so long ago information that I can share with friends-friends, hopefully useful.

Source : My main blog, in Indonesian language

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